New signing band! BETTER TIMES buffalo New york!!!

Akashic Super casette vision New signing band!

What's in your mind when we talk about Buffalo hardcore?
Zelo tolerance?
Against all hope?
Our times?
How we are?

This time BETTER TIMES put Buffalo on the map again!(singalong part)

ltd edition Japan pressing 7 songs demo.
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Final attack is one of the biggest hardcore band from Jakarta,Indonesia.
You know the scene there is by far the biggest in the world,than Mid atlantic and New england in America or Benelux.
That means They must be a  biggest hardcore band in the world...but...
Why do you follow boring and generic 2-step/HC bands because they are from America?
IS Hardcore a impelialistic music ruled by suzerain America?
Just! say!! no!!!
Read it.and listen them.

Here's Final attack interview 2 years ago.
It would be pretty old information,but i did it again for several reasons.
1)It was on my old web zine but it is no longer exists.
2)Although some information would be outdated,but it was basic interview so good for introduce them
3)Memorial for former FA bass player Joneh,R.I.P...

Q:Basic question,introduce yourself and your band.
Indra: my name is Indra/Chino you could call me whichever, I play guitar in Final Attack
Joneh:and I'm Joneh, i play bass and do most the design & artwork for Final Attack.

Q:Could you tell me your band history? how did you started? do you guys played any other band before?
Indra: well at first i just moved back to jakarta indonesia from washington DC and i posted that i wanted to start a hardcore band and all a sudden widi our vocalist replied and was intrested in starting a hardcore band with me to.
Joneh: We started first when Widi asked me to start a band, but we were really short on members, so we )postponed. then not long after he manage to find Chino and ask him to join up. Then the rest is in this current Final Attack formation.
Q:Tell me whole hardcore history in indonesia. When did it start? who was the first band?
Indra: it all started in 1989 with bands like Antiseptic and The Idiots. back then all there were here were shitty hair metal bands.
Joneh:Those times they were only recognize as punk, the terms hardcore was introduced around 1993 when Antiseptic came out (more or less, i'm not really sure) while The Idiots were around 1989.
Then the scene grew bigger on hardcore around 1995.

Q:How long have you been into hardcore music? How did you know this underground music?
Indra: I first started listening to hardcore was back when i was in my last year of middle school beggining of high school. that was around 1998-1999. it fuckin changed my life hehehehe
Joneh:I've been in love with the hardcore scene around the year 1997-ish, back then i was a poser punk kid..hahaha. then i manage to find out band like Earth Crisis and Strife and i was like "SHIT! this is what i'm talking about!" although before i listen to both band i'm already familiar with Minor Threat & Negative Approach and of course Black Flag, but yeah like what i told you before...i was a poser so i don't know that they are hardcore. 

Q:According to band history,Chino was in Griptape in Washington D.C. Why he was in US? any memory in America?
Indra: well at first i moved to washington D.C is because i had to go there with my parents, then my parents moved back to Indonesia then i lived there for awhile with my sister and brother before i came back here to jakarta Indonesia. it was definetely one of the best experiences in my life. got to meet with really, really great people, play with awsome bands. it was really hard to leave all that behind.

Q:Your stage performance is incredible.But your recorded material didn't show your potential on stage perfectlly.Don't take me wrong, i still think your records are so good. Does it important,or simply fun to do show than recording in studio?
Indra: i really love playing shows. its live shows that keep me moving. but when it comes to recording in the studio sometimes its fun, sometimes it just makes you tired to be in the studio all day for days and days. but we try to destroy on our records and on stage.
Joneh:The energy we got when performing on stage are just overwhelming, the people added up the energy to our show, so i can say that it is more fun in stage than recording session.
BUT! i also think that good recording session is also important, but sometimes the tension we have while doing recording session messed up the whole vibe. so we try to comprehend ourself & each other while doing it.  

 Q:How many shows you've ever played? Who do you played with? any memories? How do you set up shows in jakarta?
Indra: i dont really remember how many shows we have exactly played, but we played alot of shows already and we feel really lucky to have and given the oppertunity to play all those shows. to know the exact number of shows we have played you could check it out at our myspace page. we have played with soo many great local bands, bands that have influenced me in many ways. one of my favorite shows was when we got to play with Miles Away and FC Five. that show totally rocked, and our record release party. good times, good times.
Joneh:I'm not sure how many shows but i can say a lot! Playing with our local favorite band that also influence us from the beginning.
A lot of memories that just couldn't be replaced by anything, each of our show we put up has its own memories from the good to the bad to the ugly. Like last week we we're playing at a all street punk & crust show..scary but fun!
but for me, the most illest show we ever manage put up is Hardfest 3 & our record release party with A Thousand Punch.
We usually got invited by people to perform on their show, but mostly we set up shows here D.I.Y. which is mostly collectively.

Q:How's life in indonesia? What do you do besides band? job? hobby? political activities?
Indra: life is pretty messed up here. everything is just fucked up and weird. but i still love jakarta hehehehe. im sctually still in college. i attend a university here in jakarta and hopefully i will graduate soon.
Joneh:Life in indonesia suck big time, full of religious zealots cock suckers and hypocrites, and the law is just basically fucked...corruption and discrimination happens here all the time, and mostly they get away with it cause they have lotsa money. needless to say that the law is available only for poor people while rich people can manage to avoid and dodge the law more often. But don't get me wrong, i still love Indonesia and as much fucked up it looks like...i still call this country as my home.
My job? i work as a freelance designer and illustration and a full time jerk...haha, Widi works in a book store, while Hendrew works on Human Resource Department at Suzuki Motor, and Andri is still in college.
i can't much bout the other's hobby but i can tell mine, which is drawing illustrations. 

Q: influencial band ever? What are you listening recentlly?
Indra: Minor threat, Negative Approach, Void, Madball, Cro Mags, Judge, Turning Point sooo many bands influence me. lately i have been listening to Sinking Ships, Internal Affairs, Terror, Heresy, Down To Nothing, Miles Away etc.
Joneh:My most influencial band ever? i can say a lot but mostly i can think of is Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Negative Approach, Heresy & Discharge.
And my recent listening is Swamp Thing, More Than Life, Dead Swans, Bracewar, War Of Ages and Grave Maker

Q:Could you tell me about First note records?
Indra: FirstNote records was first based in sydney, australia and owned by an awsome guy named mirzie. then he moved back to jakarta so now its based here in jakarta. well they were actually the first record label to actually show real interest in working with us. they have treated us really good and is releasing some really awsome local hardcore bands.
Joneh:Chino already explains it all, all i can say that Mirzie Firstnote is such an awesome dude! he helped us a lot and i couldn't be more grateful to have him.  

Q:Future plans?
Indra: well my future goal with the band is release more records, hopefully some splits with bands from other countries. tour as much as we can, play more shows and just keep on going.
Joneh: My future plans with Final Attack is the same like what Chino explains, we always wanted to do a lot of split album with foreign band.
and also we hope to tour to somewhere that no Indonesia hardcore punk band has ever tour before! hahaha...pretty high dreams isn't it?

Q:Do you know anything about Japan? favorite japanese bands?
Indra: yea i know alot of bands from japan. theres FC Five, Endzweck, No Choice In This matter, gordan ivy&the jaybirds etc. SOOOOOO many great bands from japan.
Joneh:Japan? i always love the Japanese culture and also Chino, he thinks his a samurai warrior...haha.
i got a lot of japanese band that i like is Endzweck, Envy, FC Five, Gauze, and Silence Kills the Revolution.No Choice in this Matter is also good! latest stuff i heard from japan is Gordon Ivy & The jaybirds, and Everybody's Enemy

Q:Closing comment. shout out to japanese kids.
Indra: Thanks for the interview, hope we can come to japan someday and check out our myspace page at www.myspace.com/finalattack. be sure to check out all the bands on our top friend, really really awsome stuff.

Joneh:Thanks for the interview, hopefully we can come over there to japan! also check out http://www.myspace.com/congkakculas for my artwork

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